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Federal Fleet Management Guidance

Employee Use of Federal Agency Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Many Federal agencies ask FEMP for guidance regarding use of agency electric vehicle charging stations for employee personal electric vehicles. Ultimately, each agency's general counsel must determine appropriate and legal use of agency electric vehicle charging stations.

DOE general counsel decided that charging stations installed for DOE fleet vehicles at the Forrestal and Germantown headquarters buildings can be used to charge employee personal vehicles if DOE fleet vehicles are given first priority and employees reimburse DOE $2 per charge. See the DOE policy for more information. Additionally, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a decision specifically for the Architect of the Capitol that it cannot use appropriated funds to install electric vehicle charging stations solely for use by employees for their personal vehicles. See the GAO decision for more information.

The following Federal fleet management guidance documents are offered to help fleet managers meet their goals and requirements: